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Endurance without Hope
Expectations clash with reality when Sam arrives in Valinor sixty years after Frodo's departure from Middle Earth. WORK IN PROGRESS
Author: Bill The Pony
Rating: NC-17
Submitted: 2007-10-19


Chapter 1: Arrival

Chapter 2: Choices

Chapter 3: Mordor

Chapter 4: Sea

Chapter 5: Shell

Chapter 6: Family

Chapter 7: Circles

Chapter 8: Brandy

Chapter 9: Mud

Chapter 10: Glow

Chapter 11: Kortirion

Chapter 12: Celebrían

Chapter 13: Union

Chapter 14: Discord

Chapter 15: Departure

Chapter 16: Ulmo

Chapter 17: Storm

Chapter 18: Confession

Chapter 19: Awakening


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