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Light Passing Between
A series exploring the time Sam and Frodo spent in the Shire after their return from the quest.
Author: Cara Loup
Rating: NC-17
Submitted: 2008-01-13


1 - All's Well - Sam's reunion with his Gaffer.

2 - Roost - Sam and Frodo's first night at the Cotton farm.

3 - Blotmath - Is there still a place in the Shire for Frodo and Sam?

4 - In the Clear - Gaffer Gamgee wonders what the new year will bring.

5 - Shirriff - A shirriff's recollections from the winter of 1419.

6 - Belowlands - "How do you live, at odds with all and aught?"

7 - Rime - Between future and past, a door opens. But which path is it that Frodo must take?

8 - Sun in the Stone - Sam has an unusual encounter as he tries to make a long-delayed decision.

9 - The Dwindling Hour - "When are you going to move in and join me, Sam?"

10 - In the Giving - Some things are given once and for all times.


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