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All That I Had
A sequel to The Field of Cormallen. Frodo and Sam return to the Shire. How is their relationship affected by Frodo's illness? Why does Sam marry Rosie? Why does Frodo leave the Shire, and to what lengths is he prepared to go to keep Sam safe?
Author: Elenya
Rating: NC-17
Submitted: 2005-02-07


Chapter 1: Demons and Dragons

Chapter 2: Joy and Grief

Chapter 3: Glory and Splendour

Chapter 4: Standing Still

Chapter 5: Anger and Tears

Chapter 6: Good Days...

Chapter 7: ...and Bad Days

Chapter 8: Comfort and Kisses

Chapter 9: Fear and Pity

Chapter 10: Sympathy and Understanding

Chapter 11: Anniversaries

Chapter 12: Homecoming

Chapter 13: Actions and Reactions

Chapter 14: Weddings and Worries

Chapter 15: Fate

Chapter 16: Give and Take

Chapter 17: Hope

Chapter 18: Visions and Dreams

Chapter 19: Consequences

Chapter 20: A Shadow of Old Troubles

Chapter 21: Facing Loss

Chapter 22: Charm and Childbirth

Chapter 23: Lullabies

Chapter 24: Secrets and Surprises

Chapter 25: The Road to the Grey Havens

Chapter 26: Tenn' Enomentielva

Chapter 27: New Beginnings

Chapter 28: The Master of Bag End

Chapter 29: Memories and Pain

Chapter 30: Letters and Lectures

Chapter 31: Revelations

Chapter 32: Treasures and Tributes

Chapter 33: Growth and Renewal

Chapter 34: Death and Departure

Chapter 35: Going Home

Chapter 36: Learning Anew

Chapter 37: "Nothing to what I have now."

Chapter 38: Author's Notes


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