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The Making of Samwise
A history of Samwise Gamgee's life as he grows into his destiny.
Author: Bill The Pony
Rating: NC-17
Submitted: 2005-10-04


Author's Notes

0. A Visit to Bag End - Bored during his parents' visit to Bilbo, Frodo goes wandering.

1. The Elf in the Garden - Sam finds someone unexpected in the garden at Bag End.

2. Lessons - Sam makes an arrangement regarding his future.

3. An Argument - Sam nearly loses his chance for an education.

4. Weeding - Sam learns valuable lessons about gardening.

5. A Lazy Afternoon - Frodo reads Sam a story.

6. Baking - Sam helps his mother in the kitchen.

7. Early Spring - Frodo and Sam spend a spring morning outdoors.

8. Friends and Friends - Some friends are better than others.

9. Birthing - Trouble arises in the Gamgee household.

10. Passing - Sam goes missing in a time of great trouble.

11. Watering - Frodo and the Gaffer each make a startling discovery about Sam.

12. Haying - Bees in the hay make for a bittersweet afternoon.

13. Journeying - Parental disobedience has both drawbacks and rewards.

14. Cherry-Picking - Temptation in the orchard and a hard lesson.

15. A Promise - Sam visits relatives and suffers the consequences of indiscretion.

16. A Bitter Bargain - Home once more, Sam faces an adjusted relationship with his employers.

17. Vassal - Sam keeps to his place.

18. A Dance - Sam attends a dance at the Cotton farm.

19. Jolly Cotton - Jolly learns a secret.

20. Like Breathing Air - Preparations are made for a birthday party.

21. But in Dreams - Sam's subconscious mind struggles with his desire.

22. A Birthday Present - Sam receives a gift from his master.

23. Thief - Jolly makes a hard decision about Sam.

24. A Visit - Sam talks over his thoughts with a loved one.

25. Tea and Jam - Sam takes on new responsibilities at Bag End.

26. Eye to Eye - Sam confronts the Gaffer with his new position.

27. A Quiet Morning - Frodo wakes early.

28. Helping Hands - Lives hang on the decisions of an instant.

29. Caring Hands - Sam is tended by those who love him best.

30. Loving Hands - Sam asks a question.

31. A Hedge of Thorn - Jolly spends an afternoon alone.

32. Catching Snowflakes - The first snowfall of winter blankets the Shire.

33. Letting Go - Sam and Jolly have an overdue conversation.

34. Sledding - Young hobbits enjoy a lovely winter afternoon.

35. Distractions - Bilbo expands Sam's job description.

36. A Handful of Down - Sam clears up a mess.

37. Obedience - Pippin learns a lesson in leadership.

38. Woodcutting - Winter draws on and Sam settles into his new job.

39. Contentment - Yule feasting leads to a pleasant evening.

40. Morning Bath - Frodo's bath proves to be anything but relaxing.

41. Beekeeping - Frodo and Sam help to hive a swarm of bees.

42. Ale and Talk - Jolly and the Gaffer have a serious discussion.

43. Soda and Stings - Sam and Frodo tend each other's bee stings.

44. An Unpleasant Evening - A conversation with Lotho Sackville-Baggins turns sour.

45. A Short Journey - Frodo and Sam ride home from Michel Delving.

46. Legalities - Jolly and Sam face the music.

47. Training - Frodo prepares for his duel with Lotho Sackville-Baggins.

48. A Table for Six - Sam overhears an unpleasant discussion.

49. Fisticuffs - Frodo duels with Lotho Sackville-Baggins.

50. Waymeet - On the way home from Michel Delving, the dueling party stops at an inn.

51. A Shortage of Beer - A house party tests Bag End's stores of ale-- and Sam's patience.

52. Market Day - Sam runs afoul of Lobelia.

53. Here Be Dragons - Frodo watches Sam cook mutton.

54. Fire Dance - Dwarves make plans while Sam watches and worries.

55. Cherry Harvest - Cherries are picked and Rosie is on the make, but nobody is sent away to Tighfield.

56. Soon - Sam does more than he ought.

57. Waiting - Sam waits for Frodo's 33rd birthday.

58. A Long-Expected Party - Sam takes care of neglected duties.

59. Doorwarden - Sam moves in to Bag End.

60. First Breakfast - Sam enjoys the perks of resident service in Bag End.

61. Wills and Testaments - Sam endures an unexpected inquiry.

62. A Quiet Word - Sam is reassured.

63. A Misty Morning - Frodo takes up his duties to the Shire.

64. Hay and Honeycakes - Sam visits the Cotton farm and inadvertently encounters Frodo.

65. A Melancholy Master - Frodo returns to Bag End, saddened by losing Bilbo.

66. A Plan for Walking - Frodo and Sam decide what to do with their leisure time.

67. A Rare Tale - Frodo overhears an unusual story.

68. An Autumn Ramble - Frodo and Sam work at getting to know one another again as they take a pleasant stroll.

69. Friends and Family - Frodo and Sam encounter the Ropers' show.

70. A Bawdy Show - Mallow has a surprise for the good folk of Nobottle.

71. A Long Night - Sam fends off numerous unwanted bedpartners and experiences a revelation.

72. Airs and Heirs - Frodo and Sam are interrupted by Tooks.

73. At Last - Frodo and Sam find a moment to themselves.

74. A New Dawn - Frodo and Sam share a lovely morning.

75. The Beginning - Sam trims the verge


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