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Among the Wildflowers
Somebody sees something she shouldn't have...
Author: Cassiopeia
Rating: NC-17


I've got a secret, and I know I ought not tell nobody, but I reckon I'll tell you, 'cause you look like a honourable-type person. Now, I'm fair embarrassed talkin' to you 'bout this, but it's been on me mind for a while now, and I feel like I'm gonna burst. I'm no spy, at least I don't think so. My brother, Tom, he says to me, 'Rosie Cotton, you would spy on the sun at night if you could.' I like to know what's a-happening that's all.

One day a couple of weeks ago I was out walking. The fields were filled with wild flowers, all the colours of the rainbow. My friend Marigold says there's treasure at the end of the rainbow, but I reckon she's having me on. The sun was sinking quickly, but I didn't care. I knew supper would be served soon back at the farm, but it was so pretty out there, with crickets a-chirping and the flowers swaying in the breeze. I skipped around a bit, like a young lass. I checked to see nobody was around; I don't want people thinking I'm acting like a child.

I got tired after a whiles, from a-skipping, so I sat on a patch of grass and picked up a yellow flower with a black middle. I flicked the top off the stem and laughed as it sailed through the air. A ladybug crawled among the blades of grass, red with black spots, but she flew away before I could pick her up.

I lay back with my hands behind my head. The sky was becoming purple, and soon the stars would be popping out. I always liked the stars, like great jools, all sparkling and hard.

Anyways, there's I was, lying back, daydreaming 'bout butterflies and cream cakes and me friend's party coming up when I hears a noise.

I sat up and looked around. The noise seemed to be coming from behind a bush. I crawled as quiet as I could to the bush, even though my knees were getting dirty and I knew ma would yell at me 'cause of that.

I listened for a moment, and then pushed my hand through the leaves. I put my eye to the gap and saw at once, not ten feet from me, was Sam Gamgee and Mr. Frodo.

My cheeks heated then, 'cause I have a bit of a crush on Sam. He's always so polite to me, and tells me stories 'bout Mr. Bilbo's adventures. He tells a lot about Mr. Frodo too, how he talks to the elves. I dunno 'bout elves and queer things like that. None of my business really. Mr. Frodo's a bit of a queer fellow, him and Mr. Bilbo are both queer. Living together in that big smial; having strange visitors like dwarves, and that tall wizard, Gandalf. He makes pretty fireworks, that Gandalf does.

I was just 'bout to cry out 'hullo!' when I saw Mr. Frodo lean against my Sam, putting his head on his shoulder and closing his eyes. That surprised me a bit, 'cause masters don't do that to their servants, leastways not I know of.

Anyways, I stopped from crying out and rubbed some dirt off my dress with my hands. Now I know about the birds and the bees and such, but what happened next surprised even me. Mr. Frodo lifted his head up and kissed Sam on the lips. Not a brotherly kiss either, but the kind of kiss I'd imagined giving Sam one day if I felt brave enough. Sam was clutching Mr. Frodo's weskit and making moaning noises as I waited impatiently for them to break apart.

I knew I should turn a leave, but my legs couldn't move. I closed my eyes and hoped that when I opened them it was all my imagination. I probably shouldn't have opened my eyes, and I had to clasp my hand over my mouth as I saw Sam's hand under Mr. Frodo's shirt.

"I've been waiting for this all day!" I heard Mr. Frodo gasp. "I wish Bilbo would go for a nice long walk sometimes!"

"Shh, sir," my Sam whispered, kissing Mr. Frodo on the cheek. "Someone might be hearing us."

"You're the one who makes me cry out, Samwise," laughed Mr. Frodo.

"Well sir--" Sam began, but he was drownded out by Mr. Frodo's kisses on the sides of his mouth.

Sam's fingers were a-trembling as they worked on Mr. Frodo's shirt; and I looked down for a moment as his chest was bared. Sam was now kissing Mr. Frodo on the neck and chest, and he was a-grasping Sam's hair and sighing.

I shifted in the ground 'cause my legs were beginning to ache. I felt like I'd eaten a gross of ma's special mince pies, and I took a deep breath. Y'see, I've always imagined me and Sam being married, and living in a comfortable smial with little children running around happily. I don't reckon that's going to happen now, not from what I've seen. I try not to think about that too much, 'cause it makes me sad. Rosie Cotton, I tells myself, Sam's been a-taken, so stop thinking about him and find another nice lad.

I nearly shouted aloud when I saw Sam's hand was now fumbling with the buttons on Mr. Frodo's breeches. I knew I should leave then and there, but my legs refused budge. I'd seen my brothers with no clothes on before, but seeing Mr. Frodo -- that's different. I'm shy to admit that I strained my neck to get a better look, and I felt a flush burn my cheeks.

Now, I've never seen my brothers in the state Mr. Frodo was in, and I felt my hands getting sweaty. Sam had a little smile on his face as his hands roamed over Mr. Frodo's body.

I watched as Sam was a-pulling and a-tugging on his shirt and breeches, and Mr. Frodo's just looking at him with half-closed eyes.

My throat felt dry and I longed to cough, but I daren't risk being caught. I swallowed as I saw Sam in naught but his skin. I hadn't even thought I'd see Sam like that, least till our wedding night. Now there's Sam was kissing and stroking his master, and I noticed he was in the same state as Mr. Frodo.

At that moment I felt a pain in my ankle, and I saw a bug crawling up my leg. I squashed it with my fingers and flicked it away.

"Sam, I need you inside me now!" Mr. Frodo was saying. This puzzled me at bit. I know what lad and lasses did, but I couldn't imagine what Mr. Frodo meant.

"I'll get the oil," whispered Sam in a voice that carried to me in the gentle breeze, and he crawled to where his breeches lay and fished out a small jar. He opened the jar and sniffed the oil inside. He crawled back over to Mr. Frodo and I saw him tip some onto his hand and rub it somewhere. Then he tipped some more onto his fingers and gently rolled Mr. Frodo onto his tummy.

I heard Mr. Frodo moan loudly and shout 'quickly!' Sam put his leg over Mr. Frodo's hips and I leaned forward to see. I swear on my ma's grave I never knew 'bout that kind o' thing.

Sam's hips were now rocking to and fro, and he and Mr. Frodo were crying and making all sorts of noises.

Tears of shame and embarrassment blinded my eyes then, and I pushed myself off the ground and ran all the way home. Ma yelled at me for getting my dress all grass stained, and sent me to bed without supper. I don't reckon I could've eaten a thing anyways.

Now when I see Sam I blush madly and he probably thinks I like him, but it's not 'cause of that. It's what I saw 'tween him and Mr. Frodo one quiet evening among the wildflowers.

~  end ~


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