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Name: ElvenFairMaiden Date: 2004-06-25 10:49
Email: RooTooTwo@aol.com
Wow, a touching peice of poetry and music. It was well thought out and talks deeply about the Quest and of Frodo and Sam--my two favorite characters, since they endured the most hardship and still was able to believe and continue the Quest. You are a good poet; keep it up! This is one of my favorite songs too... ElvenFairMaiden

Name: Lise Date: 2004-04-05 15:01
Email: lise@garou.dk
Hi, itīs me again... just wanted to say that the first time I downloaded the file the last minute or two of the song was lacking as well... so I didnīt get the ending which confirms that hope will indeed be enough... Which quite contradicts part of my first bout of praise. :) But it's wonderful. And I downloaded it again and got everything.. so now I have more than enough, if you'll all pardon a terrible joke. Everyone I play this song to adores it. I've even managed to figure out the chords and now abuse a wonderful song with shoddy guitarwork and a less-than-perfect voice... but I hope you'll forgive that because I enjoy myself so thoroughly while playing it. A small anecdote to amuse: I sang the first verse to two of my friends. You'll need to know a) that we're Danes and so English is not our native language though we all speak it to a greater or lesser extent, and b) that we do Live Action Roleplaying and as such run around forests in medieval-type garb, occasionally with stuck-on plastic Elf ears, and pretend to be people in a fantasy world and whack each other with prop swords made of foam rubber and duct tape. See, duct tape is called "gaffa" in Danish. So when I sang "dreaming dreams that your Gaffer warns" in my would-be Oxford accent, my one friend misheard "Gaffer warns" for "gaffa wand". Which could be made to make sense... Somehow. Perhaps. But I'd rather not reflect on it too much. Thank you again. Keep writing :)

Name: Marigold Gamgee Date: 2004-03-18 13:31
Email: Kelduiniel@hotmail.com
Once again, just excellent, it gave me goosebumps. I love your singing, too- although it seems to cut off for me before the end. I wish I had the whole thing! The last few stanzas are especially affecting, especially "His last blessing, Hope will be enough! Till you meet again... More than enough."

Name: Lise Date: 2004-02-24 17:31
Email: lise@garou.dk
I agree completely with your other reviewer - this is beautiful, wonderful and awful - in the sense that it's so inevitably heart-breaking, because we know that in the end nothing will be enough. I play this at max volume and bawl my eyes out. Beautiful guitarwork, and I envy your clear voice, struggling by with a masculine contra-alto myself :). This is the song I would like to have written - but I am quite content "just" to listen. Thank you.

Name: Aratlithiel Date: 2003-08-23 17:54
Email: AratlithielTinuviel@hotmail.com
Me again - I've thought of a few more things... First of all, I didn't mean to leave Sam out of my squeeing - it's only that Frodo through his eyes is so vivid. This particular stanza absolutely floored me... The pages turn; they can't be stopped. The dreaded Shadow falls. On slender shoulders Burden's dropped. Grim destiny --it calls. *shivers* This has replaced 'Puff the Magic Dragon' in my heart as the song that I know will make me cry but I can't help but listen to over and over again. Again - thank you.

Name: Aratlithiel Date: 2003-08-23 17:49
Email: AratlithielTinuviel@hotmail.com
Oh, Connie - I want to leave a thoughful, insightful, complimentary review, but you've left me incapable of forming coherent thought. This HAS to be the most moving, incredibly beautiful thing I've ever heard. You've managed to take all of my thoughts, feelings and regrets on Frodo and pack them into a phenomenal piece of music. And your voice!! My dear, I have no better words to give you than marvellously gifted. I am in awe. Thank you, THANK YOU for sharing. Carole