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Name: Marigold Gamgee Date: 2004-03-16 15:54
Email: Kelduiniel@hotmail.com
That was beautiful! It really captured Sam's role in things- very nice. I especially love the end- "And restless sea will call you, Sam/To follow him one day/After long and blÚssed life/You'll follow him one day". That was fantastic. *sniff* Dear Sam.

Name: Aratlithiel Date: 2003-08-31 23:24
Email: AratlithielTinuviel@hotmail.com
OK - I thought before that maybe you were trying to kill me...now I'm sure of it. Holy smokes! An angst-packed punch to the gut, but still somehow gentle. 'Master, Servant Roles fuse and fade He staggers onward Soul torn, afraid Duty dissolves In simple Faith Love him and protect him Keep him safe' Soul torn - ungh!! God, Connie - such poetry here. Again, the depth here is just fathomless and the pain palpable. Absolutely gorgeous. btw - I think the melody is beautiful. I wouldn't change it either.