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Ties to the Past; The Wedding Table Revisited
Diamond plans a surprise for Pippin. It's a special occasion.
Author: Grey Wonderer
Rating: NC-17
Category: Canon-General


"Ties To The Past:"
"The Wedding Table Revisited"

It was frightening really. After all, she was only a slip of a lass as his mum was always saying. Still, she held a power over him that few had ever held. Even after two full years of marriage she still made his heart race when she entered a room. He could see her and be filled with joy. His whole being ached for her at times. Now, as she stood beckoning to him, a trace of a smile on her face, he knew that he could not resist. He would have moved any object that stood in his path had anything dared to block his way. Pippin followed her as she moved down one of the many long hallways of the Great Smials. She kept just ahead of him, leading him ever forward though he didn't know to where.

He would have called to her but he knew she wouldn't answer him. It was part of the game. She would call him with her eyes and gestures only and no words would pass her lips until she had reached her destination. She paused for a second, allowing him to catch up a bit and then hurried on. They were in a part of the Great Smials that was seldom used and were unlikely to meet anyone as they passed. Pippin was intrigued.

As he rounded a corner in the hall, he saw her pass through a doorway and at once he knew where they were. Grinning a bit and actually blushing at the memory, Pippin quickened his step and was soon standing inside the room looking across an enormous table at his wife.

"Remember this?" she asked softly, running one finger over the edge of the table.

Pippin felt his face grow hot and he said, "I believe I've been here at least once before." He looked down at the surface of the large table, known to all of the Tooks of the Great Smials as the Wedding Table and allowed himself to remember the incident that his darling lass was referring to in spite of his embarrassment.

She giggled and pushed back a long strand of dark hair from her face. "I remember it as well. It all happened right here in this very room at this very table, the wedding gift for your Great Aunt Sapphire's marriage to one of my North Took relations ages ago. It was hand-carved by her father and brothers. It's the heaviest table in all of the Smials because the wood is so thick and the legs are so large." She smiled. "It also had a part in our rather interesting courtship."

Pippin grinned at her. "What's in the basket?" he asked walking around the enormous piece of furniture to join her on the other side while looking interestedly at a wicker basket that was sitting on the table. He arched an eyebrow and made as if to reach for it but she quickly caught his wrist in her small hand. He made no effort to escape her grip. He just pulled her delicate hand to his lips and kissed her fingers.

"I have a surprise for you, Peregrin Took," she said softly raising up on her toes and brushing her nose against his. "I'll not have you spoil it with your curious nature."

"If it's to be my surprise then why can't I see it?" Pippin asked teasing.

"You'll see it," she smiled. "But you'll see it when it's ready." She released his wrist, certain that he would not challenge her. She knew he would allow her to take charge of things up to a point. It was later in the proceedings that she usually lost control. She faced him, her back to the table and said, "Hold still and let me put this blindfold on you."

Pippin frowned. "Must you? You know how I hate being blindfolded." He flashed on an unpleasant childhood memory but quickly allowed it to fade in favor of whatever interesting plans his Diamond might have.

"Do you want your surprise or not?" she asked hands on her hips, the blindfold, long, bright orange scarf, trailing from one of them. Pippin couldn't recall her having it in her hand before but supposed she had removed it from her pocket while she spoke. He knew from experience that Diamond kept all sorts of interesting things in her pockets.

"Very well," Pippin said slightly nervous. "But remember, I wouldn't allow anyone else to blindfold me."

"I know and I am honored," Diamond said meaning it. She moved around him and secured the blindfold into place. Then she put her hands on the small of his back and moved him closer to the table. He allowed this, putting his hands before him until he bumped the edge of the table.

"Now what?" Pippin asked, amused.

"Now, you leave the rest to me," Diamond said. "You just stand still and let me complete the final preparations for your surprise."

"Well, all right," Pippin sighed. "But do remember that I am not especially good at standing still for very long. Everyone says that I'm dreadful at that sort of thing."

As he spoke, Diamond wrapped a bright blue silk scarf about his right wrist and knotted it securely bring was careful not to pull it too tightly. She then proceeded to do the same thing to his left wrist using a bright green scarf. "What are you planning exactly?" Pippin asked but she only giggled in return.

"Diamond?" he asked now becoming slightly anxious.

"Just wait," she whispered directly into his right ear, kissing him on the cheek as she backed away. "You won't be disappointed." As a smile lit his face, Diamond moved over to the table and secured the end of the scarf that was tied to Pippin's right wrist to one of the table legs. She then hurried around him and did the same thing with the scarf on his left wrist.

Suddenly aware that he'd been tied to something, Pippin frowned again and tugged at his bonds. "Diamond? What was this surprise again?"

She laughed gently. "Patience, love," she said. "I think you'll understand completely in about five minutes."

He listened as she moved about the room arranging things that were currently hidden from his view. He tugged at whatever it was that was holding his wrists in place but found that he was unable to loosen its hold. "Diamond we are in a common room of the Great Smials," Pippin said nervously. "What if someone comes in here and finds us doing whatever it is that you plan for us to do? Tomorrow is Pervinca's birthday and there are lots of folks about just like there are every year." He tried to peer out from beneath the blindfold and failed.

There was the distinct sound of a door closing and for a moment Pippin thought she had left him. He was relieved to hear her announce, "I've seen to it that we'll not be surprised or disturbed by anyone. The door has a sturdy lock and I have just locked us into this room."

Pippin was going slightly mad from the anticipation of it all but Diamond was not about to rush things. She had planned this for a week now and she meant to see that it went smoothly. Pippin, on the other hand, was taking careful note of the fact that his arms were now tethered to what he supposed was the table in a fashion that made him unable to do so much as scratch his nose. There wasn't much give to the bonds and he was held in place quite firmly. "Diamond? Just what are you planning here?"

Suddenly something warm and soft moved between him and the edge of the table and he smelled the familiar scent of lavender and felt her hands move up his body and gently remove the blindfold. Pippin squinted down at her, adjusting to the dim candle light of the room. She had changed the lighting while he'd been blindfolded. It was now a soft glow and he could just see two candles sitting on the far end of the table giving off the only light in the room. He licked his lips and returned his gaze to her face as she stood between his outstretched arms and the table. She tuned her face upward toward him and smiled. "Surprise," she said cheerfully.

"What's this then?" Pippin asked leaning forward and kissing the top of her head.

"This is the anniversary of our very first kiss, Peregrin Took," Diamond smiled. "You do remember that event don't you?"

"I do," Pippin said blushing the embarrassment of it plain on his face. "You came in this very room and found me with my hands rather securely pasted to this lovely, old table."

She giggled. "We'd met before but this was the time that counted for me." She looked up at him with mischief in her dark eyes.

"So the time where I spilled water all over you whilst bobbing for apples at my thirtieth birthday doesn't count?" Pippin grinned. "We did share a dance later that evening. I found it rather romantic in spite of the fact that my knees were shaking."

"True," she smiled placing both hands on his shoulders. "It was romantic and very sweet. I am fond of the way your knees shake, but this was where you first kissed me. This is when I knew that I would marry you."

Pippin tugged at his wrists wanting to put his arms about her but unable to do so. "You knew then?" he asked surprised.

She pushed one hand through his curls and said, "I knew then." She laughed. "I actually suspected it when I came in here and found you looking utterly ridiculous with your hands pasted to the top of the table and the rest of you trying to climb out from beneath the table."

"The rug kept sliding with me and I kept winding up under the table," Pippin said blushing. "Every time I moved my feet, the rug moved. I could have killed Merry save for the fact that my hands were stuck to the table."

"Just what did Merry do with that paste of his?" Diamond asked. "Other than using it to glue his younger cousin to this wedding table that once belonged to our relatives?"

"He finally gave up on it," Pippin grinned.

"But not before we had our first kiss," Diamond smiled brushing her lips against his cheek and then nuzzling his neck.

He moaned and pulled against the brightly colored scarves that held him fast to the table. "Ah, Diamond," Pippin began. "Don't you think this might be a wee bit more interesting if you untied me?"

"We are recreating an important event in our courtship," Diamond said a bit wickedly. "I didn't have any of Merry's glue and so I had to do the next best thing. I want this to be as much like our first kiss as possible."

"All right," Pippin agreed uncertainly. "Then turn your face up and let me kiss you."

She giggled. "Not before I have a bit of fun." She moved her hands down his sides allowing only the tips of her fingers to touch him and watched as he shuddered slightly.

"Don't tease," Pippin objected nervously.

"Oh, but I did tease you a bit the last time, remember?" Diamond asked unfastening his braces from his trousers in the front as she spoke.

"I-I don't remember you doing that," Pippin pointed out.

"We weren't married then," Diamond giggled. "A lass has to be careful. The last time I only bumped against you but it was enough to make you stir."

Pippin swallowed. "More than enough. I was excited just by the fact that you were in the room with me. When you stood as you are now, between my arms and the table, I thought I might explode."

"And now?" she asked, tugging his shirt out of his trousers with a maddening slowness.

"Now," Pippin said. "I may die from this recreation of yours."

She smiled noticing the erection that now pushed at the cloth of his trousers and said, "I won't allow you to die, Pippin."

"So far, you seem to be intent upon killing me slowly," Pippin winced again testing the strength of the scarves holding his wrists. "Where did you get these damnable scarves, lass?"

"You bought them for me, remember? We were in Buckland and that trader passed through town with all of those outrageous items?" She laughed and he was struck by the musical quality her voice. "Everyone said that the finery on the trader's cart was too exotic and bold for any ordinary hobbit. That is when you decided to buy these scarves for me. When I asked you what I should do with them, you suggested that I keep them until I'd found a use for them." She tugged at one of the scarves playfully. "And as so often happens, you were right. I've found a use for them."

Pippin groaned. "Why do I constantly open my mouth and say things that will somehow come back to roost on my doorstop?"

She shrugged and tossed her curls so that they touched his face for an instant. "In truth, it is one of the things that I adore about you, my dear one. I have always loved the way you can talk yourself into difficulty."

He leaned toward her and tried to kiss her but she moved. She found it very satisfying that he still reacted so strongly to her. She moved toward him, lowered her head, and implied one of her tricks that usually sent him reeling. She began to unbutton his shirt with her teeth.

"Thunder, Diamond," Pippin moaned. He longed to touch her with every fiber of his being and she had made it utterly impossible. He could only stand and watch as she worked her way from one button to the next willing her to hurry but enjoying it when her teeth and tongue made accidental contact with his chest as she undid the buttons and completely undid him as well. "Diamond?"

"I'm rather busy just now, Peregrin. Whatever it is, it will have to wait until I've finished with these stubborn buttons," she said as she began working on the button just below his navel. She held her hands behind her back not touching him with anything save her teeth.

Pippin gulped and struggled with the scarves as she moved to the button on his shirt that was now resting just atop his erection. She moved with deliberate slowness here and allowed her teeth to nibble at the button more than was necessary. She felt him strain beneath her touch as the button came free. She stood up and parted the shirt, allowing it to slide away and reveal his chest. "Diamond, you're recreation is starting to be unbearable," Pippin managed as she ran her hands over his chest and chuckled at his frustration.

"You know full well that you are enjoying every single touch," she said in a throaty voice while tracing her fingers about his nipples.

"I would enjoy it more if I were able to touch you as well," Pippin said in frustration.

"But then it wouldn't be like the first time," Diamond said moving back from him so that he could see the pouting look on her face.

"None of this is like the first time, lass," Pippin objected tugging at the scarves.

Diamond giggled and slowly unbuttoned the bodice of her dress while he watched. "It's warm in here, isn't it?" she asked fanning herself with a hand as she continued to unfasten her buttons one at a time.

"That much is exactly the same as the first time," Pippin groaned as she slid out of her dress and allowed it to fall around her feet leaving her standing before him in her lacy under things. "I do not recall your dress coming off that last time in spite of the heat," Pippin winced.

"Are you complaining?" Diamond asked dragging one finger down his chest and playing with the waistband of his trousers.

"I would like to have my hands free but I am not complaining about the view," Pippin said drinking her in with his eyes. His breath hitched as she tugged at his trousers. "Di-Diamond, love, you can't mean to keep me like this. Can you?" His voice came up slightly as it often did when he was nervous.

"I find that I enjoy being able to decide exactly what happens next," Diamond said. She moved out of the space in front of him and made her way behind him, putting her arms about him and massaging his chest as she spoke. "You are a very strong, very forceful hobbit, Pippin and while you do allow me to choose certain things involving our love-making, you are usually the one who decides exactly when and how things advance. It isn't often that I have this much power over you. That is why our very first kiss is one of my fondest memories. You were at my mercy then as well."

He tensed. The realization that she meant to go forward with this thing crashed into him and he groaned. "If you keep this up, you'll kill me for certain," Pippin objected as her hands moved to massage his shoulders and caress his lower back. Suddenly he jumped as he felt her pinch him sharply on the right hip. "Ouch! No fair!"

"Everything I want is fair right now, oh warrior of Gondor and future Thain of the Shire," Diamond purred taking one of her feet and rubbing the soft hair on its top up his leg making him shiver. She pressed against him and rose up to whisper in his ear. "You are my captive and I have you at my mercy, Ernil i Pheriannath. I plan to make the most of it."

"I'm going to die right here tied to this table," Pippin groaned. "Someone will come in here and finding me dead as a stone when this is over." She pinched him again and he jumped.

"If you are to die than you shall go with a smile on your lips," Diamond chuckled moving back in front of him and stroking his arms with her hands. Pippin pulled at his bonds and gritted his teeth as she leaned forward and licked his chest. "You are mine, Ernil i Pheriannath," she declared and knelt down as if in a royal bow while he sputtered at her use of his less-than-accurate title that had been given to him by the people of Gondor. Then she began to unfasten his trousers while he made a small, whining noise that he didn't know he was able to make.

Pippin shifted his feet nervously and strained against the scarves as she slid his trousers down over his hips and let them fall around his ankles. He jerked forward and she pulled his small clothes down and took his erection into her clever mouth. Clasping his hips in her hands and holding on tightly, she began to move her tongue across him rapidly while placing a delightful amount of pressure against the sensitive portion of his penis. He groaned and moved toward her with his hips. He knew, somewhere in the far reaches of his mind, that it was pointless to try and tug his arms free of the scarves but in his excited condition he was unable to keep from it. He longed to run his fingers through her hair and hold her breasts in his hands. She quickened her movements and increased the pressure and he forgot his own name as his penis responded to her movements and he released what felt like everything within him. He moaned as she continued her magic long after he was spent. As she removed her mouth from him, she slid her hands forward and caressed his thighs, kissing him here and there as she did so.

Pippin's chin fell against his chest and he panted as she got to her feet and slid out from between him and the table. He didn't know where she was going but at that moment he didn't have the strength to ask. His knees felt as if they might give way at any second and he could hear his heart beating. He was startled when she returned to him bringing with her a full glass of brandy and a bottle. She stood before him and sipped. Next she held the glass to his lips and allowed him a sip as well. Smiling, she sat the glass and bottle on the table and slid a plate from behind her. On it were some of the largest, ripest, strawberries that Pippin had ever seen. As he watched her she selected one and popped it into his mouth. "We have to keep your strength up," she said softly and then ate one of the berries herself.

"How long have you been planning this?" Pippin managed before she popped another berry into his mouth.

"I thought of it a week ago," Diamond smiled. "I thought that this could be a special anniversary for us. The anniversary of our first kiss." She ate one of the berries and then put another into Pippin's mouth. "I gathered up the things I thought we might need in my basket, selected my very finest under things, and then waited for the anniversary. I knew you weren't likely to remember it as you almost forgot our wedding anniversary this year." She arched an eyebrow at him and frowned slightly.

"I'll remember next year," Pippin said leaning forward to kiss her. She moved and he received another berry instead.

"The kiss is the very last thing," Diamond said putting a finger on his lips. She then retrieved the brandy and took another, longer sip. "I have everything planned."

"I don't suppose that you plan on letting me out of these scarves any time soon, do you?" Pippin asked giving his wrists a tug.

"Not before the kiss," Diamond smiled. "That is the entire point of this celebration; our first kiss." She held the glass out to him again and let him have a drink. She took the glass away from his lips teasingly and allowed him to watch her drink the rest of the amber liquid. Then sat the empty glass on the table next to the plate of berries.

Pippin was about to try to convince her to free him when she suddenly loosed the lace garment that covered her breasts so that it reveal a generous portion of them. He watched in fascination as she placed one of the berries in the cleavage and smiled at him. "Would you care for another berry?" she asked leaning forward slightly.

Pippin grinned and leaned forward eagerly running his tongue over her breasts and finally taking the berry into his mouth as she giggled. Feeling life return to his groin, which he had thought was completely spent, Pippin strained against the scarves as Diamond placed another strawberry between her breasts. "I hope you're hungry," she purred.

"Starving," Pippin said and leaned over her again. She allowed him to kiss her breasts before he retrieved the berry and his lower region began to remind him of its presence with a familiar tingling that made him tug at the scarves again and move forward to press her between himself and the table.

"Why Peregrin Took, I do believe you've risen to the occasion again," she gushed and as he pressed against her she reached down and took his cock in her hand. He groaned and moved closer to her pressing the edge of the table into her lower back.

"I shall have to see to you again, won't I?" she asked moving her fingers over his penis.

"If you don't, I'll explode," Pippin said in a whisper. "Untie me and I'll-"

She pushed against him, silencing him with a finger to his lips so that he stepped back and allowed her to slip out of his arms and said, "Later, my Love."

"Where are you going?" Pippin asked trying to turn to look at her and failing.

"I'm right here," Diamond assured him as she wrapped her arms around him, pressed her now naked body against his and gripped his penis in her hands.

"Oh, Bollocks," Pippin moaned as she began to stroke him firmly while rubbing against his back. Pippin tensed and moved into her grip, pressing in and out of her hands as she pleasured him until he felt release of pressure again.

"Diamond, please," Pippin begged as she moved in front of him again and he caught sight of her standing naked before him. He pulled at his bonds for what seemed the millionth time and felt his shirt shift on his shoulders. Because of his current situation, Diamond had been unable to remove the shirt. She had removed everything else quite early on, but the shirt still remained unbuttoned and sliding about on his shoulders.

"Oh, fine," Diamond laughed. "You are spoiling the mood but I suppose that it isn't fair to keep you tied to this table indefinitely." She reached behind her and plucked a strawberry from the plate and pushed it into his mouth and said, "I have been thinking that it would be quite lovely to have you like this whenever I wanted."

Pippin nearly choked on the berry.

"I think I deserve a love slave, don't you?" Diamond giggled. "Oh, and be very careful how you answer that because I just might decided to keep you here a bit longer if you offend me."

Pippin managed to swallow the berry. "You deserve whatever you want," Pippin managed, meaning it. "But how can I give you want you want if I'm tied to this table?" He looked at her as she refilled the empty glass and took a long drink of the brandy. She paused as if considering his words and then drank again.

"Very well," she giggled. "I shall fill this glass to the brim, we will toast our anniversary, and then we shall have our kiss. After that, I will release you oh slayer of Trolls and you may show me exactly what it is that you think I might enjoy." She filled the nearly empty glass with liquid from the bottle of Buckland's finest, smiled at her eager husband and took a large drink from the bottle. Then she giggled and tugged at one of his curls.

"Ah, you might want to drink a wee bit less of that if we're to have a proper kiss," Pippin warned. "You know what it does to you."

Diamond giggled. "Don't worry. I haven't had nearly enough for that." She pushed another strawberry into his mouth and took another sip of brandy just to prove that she was still in full control of the proceedings. Still giggling, she rolled one of the strawberries in the brandy and then ate it. She ran her tongue around her mouth slowly and then repeated the process with another berry.

"You really shall kill me," Pippin said smiling.

Diamond raised the large glass and said, "You make the toast and then we will drink."

"Very well," Pippin said. "I should like to drink to my lovely bride, the only lass that I have ever loved. I drink to she who surprises me every day of our marriage and on this day most especially. To Diamond!"

Diamond offered the glass to Pippin and allowed him a drink then smiling downed the remaining brandy in the glass and tossed the glass onto the rug where it fell without breaking. "Your kiss, oh Knight of Gondor, and then I shall untie you and you may make use of this wedding table in your own fashion," she said and she leaned into him and pressed full against him allowing her weight to stretch the scarves to their full limit which was not very far. Pippin leaned down as best he could and parted his lips as she slid her tongue deep into his mouth and kissed him hard and long. As the kiss ended, Pippin felt Diamond slide down his body and watched as she landed on the carpet at his feet.

"Diamond?" Pippin pushed her gently with one foot. "Diamond, love? This is hardly the time for a nap." He pushed a bit harder and she groaned and rolled over on her side, turning her naked back to him. "Diamond?" Pippin pressed his foot against her hip and pushed. "You cannot pass out now, Diamond!" he said nervously. He jerked at the scarves and groaned. "Diamond if you are teasing again, it is not at all amusing." He nudged her with his toe again and groaned. "Diamond, if you're in charge then you must stay conscious until you've released your prisoner." He squirmed and tugged at his colorful tethers. "Damn, the Brandybucks and their potent drink! Diamond?"

Pippin made every effort that he was able to make to rouse his wife but was rewarded only with the sound of her soft snoring. He looked from one tightly bound wrist of the other. In his frenzy of passion he had pulled on the scarves until the knots had become very tight. He was not in pain but he was held firmly in place. It was likely that he would have to be cut loose from the table rather than untied. He looked at the small wicker basket on the table and wondered if his lovely wife had thought to bring a knife with her. In any case, Diamond was in no condition to use a knife just now and he was unable to reach the basket. He took stock of the situation. He was tied to the heaviest table in the Shire with very secure knots, he was undressed save for his shirt which was hanging on his shoulders, his wife was passed out and naked on the floor underneath the table, and the door was locked.

His arms would most likely go completely numb before Diamond returned to consciousness. She never was much of a drinker. He could call for help but any rescuers that might come would never allow him to live this down. Besides, Diamond would be embarrassed to death to be found this way. Pippin sighed. It looked as if he would be here for a while. It was then that he caught sight of the remaining strawberries on the dish sitting on the edge of the table and he smiled. If he leaned forward he would at least be able to eat the remaining strawberries. Pippin shrugged. If you looked long enough, there was always something for which one could be grateful.

The End

GW 11/25/2006

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