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Ties to the Past; The Wedding Table Revisited
Diamond plans a surprise for Pippin. It's a special occasion.
Author: Grey Wonderer
Rating: NC-17
Category: Canon-General



Some time ago I wrote and posted a story to this site called, "The Wedding Table". That particular story is rated PG but after writing it, I have always wondered what it could have been like if I had let it go a bit further. This is the result of my wondering. This is rated NC-17 and yes, there is sex!

As always, these are not my characters. They are the creations of J.R.R. Tolkien and if he were still alive I am very certain that he would hunt me down and ask me to stop doing what I'm doing. No money was, or will be, made from this story.

You do not have to read the original story in order to read this one.

GW 11/26/2006

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