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The Minstrel's Quest
The minstrel's task is to write the Lay of Frodo of the Nine Fingers and the Ring of Doom, yet he knows nothing of the Ring-bearer. Who is Frodo Baggins who saved the West from ruin? How did he come to take on this dreadful task?
Author: Gentle Hobbit
Rating: G
Category: Canon-General
Submitted: 2005-08-07


Chapter 1: The Task is Given

Chapter 2: To Write the Perian's Lay

Chapter 3: Of Names and Hobbits

Chapter 4: Of Hobbits and Oliphaunts

Chapter 5: From Sunrise to Moonlight

Chapter 6: The Crucible

Chapter 7: Truth and Rumour

Chapter 8: A Small Measure of Defiance

Chapter 9: For Eyes to See That Can

Chapter 10: Of Sacrifice and Song

Chapter 11: The Voice of the Shire

Chapter 12: Silver and Gold



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