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Notes and Observations by Frodo of the Shire
In Minas Tirith, Frodo grapples with the horrific events of the War of the Ring. The Companions try to help, but can there be healing for him in Middle-earth?
Author: Lurea
Rating: R
Category: Canon-Angst/Drama
Submitted: 2005-10-30



Chapter 1: A Blue Book

Chapter 2: Lance the Wound

Chapter 3: Writing Lesson

Chapter 4: In Mercy and Pity

Chapter 5: The Pitcher Plant

Chapter 6: The Market of Minas Tirith

Chapter 7: Of Dwarves and Stairs

Chapter 8: Into the Dark

Chapter 9: The Red Chamber

Chapter 10: The Plains of Gorgoroth

Chapter 11: On Mount Doom

Chapter 12: Farewell to the White City


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