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We've Come A Long Way
Merry, fresh from the battlefield, talks to Pippin about the things they've gone through.
Category: Drama
Date: 2003-05-04


How did we come so far, dear Pippin?
Abroad, we've traveled the miles!
Through vindictive forests
And midge ridden bogs,
While suffering numerous trials.

How did we come so far, dear cousin?
Surviving marauding orcs!
Being carried like rubbish
Upon frightful backs.
I quake at their horrible smirks!

How did we come so far, my friend?
Look at the trees, so fair!
They've walked and they've talked
For ages on end,
Their draught puts a curl in my hair!

Why did you have to leave, so young,
You should have left trouble alone!
But curiosity, they say,
Killed many a cat.
Now into the night you have flown.

Where did you go to, young hobbit?
Off into the night you were borne.
Now I am alone
With no one to share
My loneliness.  Abandoned.  Forlorn. 

When will I see you again, dear friend?
Upon the battlefields near?
Enemy behind 
And Terror afore
'Tis not very hopeful, I fear.

The King is dead, Her Ladyship dying,
And I am lost and alone.
The thrust of my sword
Ended life in my arm.
What good have I been, on my own?

How did we come so far, dear Pippin?
Abroad we've traveled the miles!
Here now it seems 
At the end of it all
We've nothing to show for our trials.

How did we come so far, my friend?
Seems now we're in naught but a dream.
But here at long last
You stand next to me
Tears of joy flow down in a stream.



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