West of the Moon

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Gorgoroth Duet

Category: Drama
Date: 2004-01-21



Choking dust,
Burning thirst,
Gouging, tearing chain.
Round my neck,
Golden, fair...
Dread Isildur's Bane.

Dragging feet,
One step more,
Evil's will defy.
Cast off hope.
Grim endure.
One task e're I die.


Lean hard upon my shoulder,
For that weight no one could bear.
You're wounded, Sir, and fair done in; hold fast now, don't despair.
Your Sam will help you find your way
Through thorns and rock and dust.
He sees the light inside of you; your soul he'll ever trust.


Light and Life,
Distant Dream.
Dark devours day.
Mem'ries fade.
Wheel of fire
Sears it all away.


Dear Master, rest you quiet
For your strength is nearly gone.
A bite, a sup and blessed sleep; I'll watch o'er you till dawn.
I'll let no evil touch you,
Leastways none that I can fight.
I'll guard your peaceful dreaming, your cherished spirit bright.

I promised to stick by him
By more than duty bound.
How did that Wizard know?
We'll make it 'cross this valley
To peak by fire crowned
In one more dogged go!

You're the fool, Sam Gamgee!
Just look at him, and weep!
He'll not stagger one more wretched mile!
A tortured death or worse awaits.
Surrender, now, to sleep.
Release him from this hapless, hopeless trial!

Don't argue! I'll not fail him!
I swore that from the start.
I'll see him to his ending
If it breaks my back and heart!


Trembling hands,
Clutch, compelled.
Ans'ring hateful call.
Help me, Sam!


Here I am!
I'll not let you fall.

Dear Master, stop, you mustn't crawl!
You've given all you can.
More than Elf or Wizard, more than Dwarf or Mortal Man."
Sir, wrap your arms about my neck.
I know what I must do.
I cannot carry cursed Ring, but I can carry you!

Razored rock,
Sul'phrous fumes
Creeping ever higher.
Hold him fast!
Lady grant
Strength to reach dark fire.

Light and life...
Vivid dream.
Love and hope abide.
Do not fear,
Your Sam is here!
He'll not leave your side.
Whatever fate awaits you, dear,
I'll not leave your side!



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