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Lament for Frodo
A re-working of Tolkien's original Lament for Boromir to reflect a Frodo-centric POV.
Category: Drama
Date: 2003-12-28


E'en in this cold late Age, there are fields where long grass grows
And the West Wind comes sweeping and about the trees it blows
'What passes in Middle Earth, O wand'ring wind, upon this night?
Have you seen the hobbit Frodo by moon or by starlight?'

'I saw him pass through Rivendell, through waters deep and grey
I saw him walk through empty lands, until he passed away
Into the shadows of Moria, I saw him then no more
The South Wind may have heard his voice in the depths past Durin's Door.'
O Frodo!  Beset by feelings I dare not name, I look to you afar
Would you safely pass those halls where evil creatures are?

Across the Sea the South Wind flies, breathing heat that dries my tears
It wails in the voices of lonely gulls and answers to my fears
'What news from the South, O sighing wind, do you bring to me this eve?
Where now is Frodo the Fair?  He tarries and I grieve.'

'Under the leaves of the Golden Wood he counsel with sorrow took
Perceived the fate on the slopes of Doom that all before him had forsook
So he crossed o'er wide Anduin to the dark land east of the Sea
Ask of the North Wind his end, for the Shadow is hidden to me.'
O Frodo!  Will you be betrayed by that which is not as it seems?
Will you find the path that leads to the green land of your dreams?

From the roof of the world the North Wind rides, and past the roaring falls;
Clear and cold throughout the land sounds its icy clarion calls.
'What news do you bring, O mighty wind, of the lands that lie under your sway?
What news of noble Frodo?  For he is long away.'

'On Orodruin, I heard his cry; brought down by the Ring at last,
Broken he was and defeated, yet saved by his kindnesses past
And still yet his light is unquenched for those that have eyes to see
But sore wounded in heart and mind and soul, an exile shall he be.'
O Frodo! Take the bitter with the sweet, and pass into the West,
Awaken from this dream of life, and leave those that loved you best.
Great among the Wise you've become, and ever westward will I gaze,
Across the cruel Sundering Sea until the end of days.



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