West of the Moon

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Reflections on the Past
Sam remembers...
Category: General
Date: 2003-09-30


I see you reflected there, my treasure,
Yes, you are there, in all your beauty,
Elven and sad and unchanging,
Every time I tell the tales by the fire,
Every time I recall the road,
And that which has gone on.
She was cradled in your arms
And given that most precious gift:
A name, full of memory and light,
And from your touch was also given
Her rare features, her passion,
Her desire for all that is fading away.
I see you there, with every telling,
Reflected in my eldest daughter's eyes.
I will seek you some day, across the world,
And then she will be the one telling the tales
So that none should ever forget,
And so that you will live forever.



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