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The Boy Next Door
Rosie's song
Category: Drama
Date: 2003-05-10


Master Samwise stood at the door and...drew Mistress Rose to him and set his arm about her. "March the twenty-fifth!" he said. "This day seventeen years ago, Rose-wife, I didn't think I should ever see thee again. But I kept on hoping."

"I never hoped at all, Sam," she said, "not until that very day, and then suddenly I did. About noon it was and I felt so glad that I began singing. And mother said, 'Quiet, lass! There's ruffians about!' And I said 'Let them come! Their time will soon be over! Sam's coming back!' And you came."

"I did," said Sam. "To the most belovedest place in all the world. To my Rose and my garden."

They went in and shut the door. But even as he did so, he heard suddenly, deep and unstilled, the sigh and murmur of the Sea upon the shores of Middle-earth.

(JRR Tolkien: from an unpublished epilogue to Lord of the Rings)


Seems like I've known him forever
He was always the boy next door
We grew up on the Row, all children together
There was always room for one more
My brothers, they all used to tease me
They called me his little sweetheart
But he smiled so kind like he wanted to please me
And I wanted to win his heart.

And I thought I knew, I thought I knew
How it would come to be
I'd be a bride
My lad at my side
 'Cause I knew he was meant for me

By and by, we were courting in springtime
I thought he'd surely speak soon
We'd walk past the gardens he tended so careful
We'd sit in the glow of the moon
He was shy and awkward and gentle
But he said what he meant, plain as day
He told me he had a promise to keep
He said he was going away

And what could I do, what could I do?
He didn't belong to me
A promise to hold
A task to unfold
A journey past Mountain and Sea 

Bitter and dark came the winter
My heart grew frightened and cold
I knew that he traveled through shadow and danger
His promise protecting his soul
My friends laughed and called me pure foolish 
Who could tell what the future might bring?
But I believed sure he'd find a way 
So I waited with the Spring

And I never knew, I never knew
He'd return looking so fine and fair!
My eyes fairly shone
To have him back home
Speaking words I'd been longing to hear

Our friends danced 'neath trees shining silver
When I married that boy next door
Now our children fair thrive like the flowers he tends
And there's always room for one more
Evenings we walk in the gardens
Most belovéd of  places to be
And the warm western wind blows past our gate
Whispering songs from the Sea

And I always knew, I always knew
In another place and time
His promise held true
Like a flame burning blue
And a light that forever will shine.



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