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The Light Within
Sam watches over Frodo as he sleeps in Ithilien.
Category: Drama
Date: 2003-05-08


The morning sun was peaking out through cypress and through fir.
The aromatic cedar cast its shade to where we were.
The colors and aromas of the flowers all around,
Gave scented dreams and comfort to my friend there on the ground.

He had a look about him now, that I have rarely seen;
And while he slept so peacefully, his face seemed so serene.
The fear that always haunted him had vanished from his face.
And in its stead, a faint light grew to take the terror's place.

Old and beautiful he looked to me there in the fern,
And as the light grew clearly now, much less grew my concern.
I watched him for a moment more, and wondered at the light.
The beauty there was magnified, the way it shone so bright.

The love I felt inside my heart grew like the light so fair.
A single tear stole down my cheek as I was standing there.
As he continued sleeping, I just couldn't tear away.
That wondrous light within him was commanding me to stay.

It made me think about the past, of how he suffered so.
About that deadly wound he bore, the pain, it seemed to grow.
'Twas when the light began to shine, I noticed even then;
Whilst healing there in Rivendell, before the Quest began.

Our journey since took many turns that filled us both with dread.
So I will let him sleep some more; who knows what lies ahead.
I brushed away that wayward tear, and slowly turned away,
E'er holding to that cherished sight of how he looked that day.

Birds were singing, flowers bloomed in colors bold and bright.
But naught I saw before or since could ever match that light.



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