West of the Moon

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Circle of Fire
Category: Drama
Date: 2003-05-06


Whispers of forgotten needs
Undying lust, unending greed
Diving deep to plant the seed
Of deepest hungers fed
Heartbeat echoes, longing stilled
Its presence thwarts and takes the will
Numbs it to unnat'ral chill
Frost and fire, all one
Its evil woven, warp and weft
Of all good it is bereft
Its seeking, souring evil, deft
At ageless pain and pow'r
Within this Ring of fire the trap
Is laid in earnest, strength is sapped
Within the mind the conquest mapped
Through weakness, fear and rage
It spirals round the mind and soul
No moderation, no control
Such extremes exact a toll
The payment never ends
No pleasure given, only lent
Within the circle's golden glint
Passion's fires consumed and spent
The bearer's life-force quelled



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